Health Prospects 2018
There is a very famous proverb in English literature, "Health is Wealth". Life is full of hidden and unseen factors and it is not easy to maintain a good health and it is all the more difficult to get a forewarning about any disease which you suffer from in future. Now you don't have to worry about your health issues. Vedic Astrology is a very effective tool to give you remedies and guideline to a good and healthy life. This innovative report will guide you about your health issues in the coming year. We will focus on the following:
  • How will be your health during the coming year?
  • Is disease curable or incurable?
  • Will you have to undergo surgery for your illness in the coming year?
  • Which kind of medicines would be suitable for you viz. allopathic or Homeopathic or any other healing system?
  • Would your recovery be gradual or fast?
  • Are there any indications of you meeting with any accident etc?
  • Remedies to minimize the ill effects of concerned planets and provide a good and a healthy life.

In this comprehensive report prospects of your health would be discussed.

  • Analysis of the Natal Chart (1st, 6th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses and their lords)
  • Navmansa Chart
  • Navmansa Chart, and Effects of transit of major planets viz. Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu will be discussed also.
  • After deeply analyzing the above factors and keeping in view the strength of your horoscope and concerned planets, pin point predictions will be given concerning your health prospects in the year ahead.

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