Travel Prospects

Traveling may be undertaken due to different reasons. One may wish to go abroad/in own country for Career/Business opportunities, medical treatment, pilgrimage, higher education, after marriage, tourism or for settling down there. After analyzing your horoscope, Navmansa, Dasmansa charts and analysis of your Chathurthamsa Chart and transit of all major planets we will predict about the following:

  • Will you go to aboard in this coming year?
  • How would be your foreign trip?
  • Will you settle down in a foreign country?
  • Which one is better foreign or Home country?
  • In which direction you may go?
  • Will you go to sacred places or pilgrimages during this year?
  • Effective and simple remedies to minimize the ill effects of any malefic planets.

In this comprehensive report Traveling Prospects we will discuss the possibilities of long distance or foreign journeys.

  • We will analyze Natal chart (3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th and 12th house and their lords)
  • Navmansa chart (D-09), Dasmansa chart (D-10), Chathurthamsa (D-04) and effects of transit of major planets viz. Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter.
  • After deeply analyzing the above factors and keeping in view the strength of your horoscope and concerned planets , pin point predictions will be given concerning traveling in the year ahead.

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