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One of the most common questions an astrologer faces from the native is about acquisition of property and vehicle because it is every person's dream to acquire his or her own house and a vehicle to commute and move around freely. Property purchase involves almost the entire life savings of an individual. It is usually correlated with the financial status of the family or an individual. Especially in cosmopolitan cities, the status of an individual is judged by the make or brand of cars or number of cars he possesses. Do you also have such questions like

  • When will I purchase a property or a Vehicle?
  • Where will be the location of the property?
  • What will be the status of the property?
  • Will the car be a luxury model or an economy model?
  • Whether the property or Vehicle will be purchased in installments or cash down?
  • Whether it will be a commercial property?
  • Will I get rental income from my property?
  • When will I sell my property?
  • Will I change my residence or Vehicle?
  • Will my Vehicle be stolen?
  • My Vehicle is stolen. When will I get my Vehicle back?
  • Will I get insurance claim for my Vehicle?
  • Do you always ponder to get answers to these questions, if yes, then you have come to the
  • right place. Know the best period for purchasing or selling your property or Vehicle.

If you are experiencing delay in purchasing or selling of your property or Vehicle, we could help you to overcome that and suggest you the remedies to over come the hurdles in buying or selling of your property or Vehicle. Want to buy a property/vehicle or want to sell a property/vehicle? Know the best period for buying or selling your property/vehicle .Ask for our Property and Vehicle Report, which will give complete and exhaustive insights and facts and figures regarding these aspects.

For giving you best possible services we suggest unique remedial measures to fulfill your desire for getting a vehicle and property. Due care is taken while analyzing your horoscope and suggesting unique and usually inexpensive remedies for helping you get your desired vehicle and property. Our remedies are completely safe and give the desired results.

We after analyzing your horoscope in depth would suggest you the suitable remedies, which could be performing Pooja of Sidha Yantras, wearing of a Gem Stone or chanting of Mantras. If it is necessary we would recommend you to perform specific Yagna for a particular planet (which could be done by you or by a pundit of your choice. If you wish then the Yagna can be performed by us for your benefit).

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