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Business Report (Case Study)


Date of Birth: 19th January 1967
Place of Birth: Delhi
Time of Birth: 17:58 hours

The horoscope of the native is showing combinations of doing business in most of his planets. The native had an above average education and started his own business after completing his study in mid 1988 in the Dasha Bhukti of Sun -Moon. The native started the business of ready made garments in the Dasha Bhukti of Sun - Moon. This particular business was particularly lucrative at that particular period. The native invested heavily in the business. He bought a factory for making the garments and employed technical staff giving them huge salaries. The native raised capital from his own sources and borrowed from market using his father's sources. Unfortunately the business did not take off, resulting in heavy losses for the native, which resulted in sale of his factory and total wiping of his capital. Apart from this the native got himself heavy loans on his head to pay off his creditors.

The native came with his father to us for consultation. Initially he had a couple of questions. He wanted to know what kind of a business he should choose and when? After going through his horoscope we found out that Venus was showing the strongest combinations for his business. Accordingly we suggested him the business of diamond and pearl Jewelry. The native came to us in January 1994. We suggested him the period of Moon - Rahu-Rahu for starting his new venture. Ultimately the native started his new venture in the above period, and got successful in that business and recovered his losses and was able to pay off the various loans. We suggested him to expand his business in the Dasha-Bhukti of Moon-Venus, which started from January 2001. He started a related business of exporting of gems to European countries, and at present he is making reasonably good money out of that business too.

We suggested him mantras and other special remedies for enhancing his prospects in business and for the gain of export orders.

The native's business will show a down ward trend in the Dasha - Bhukti of Mars-Jupiter starting in September 2004, for which special Japams are needed. The native was given the required Japams for chanting them when the period will come. The Dasha of Jupiter starting from 2028 and ending on 2044 is not going to be a good one for this native and he is going to suffer obstacles and losses in the business. The native will not be able to ward off the ill effects of the Jupiter completely, but with the help of the powerful mantras and special Pooja he will be able to dilute the ill effects of the Jupiter to a considerable extent, which will result in saving of his business from heavy losses.