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Career Report (Case Study)


Date of Birth: 23rd January 1965
Place of Birth: Delhi
Time of Birth: 13:05 hours

The native had a good education through out his student days. He is a chartered accountant and constantly got very good marks through out his school and college life. His horoscope shows all the combinations for good education. The native got his first job in the Dasha of Rahu and Bhukti of Mars.

The native came to us in the Dasha and Bhukti of Jupiter for advice, as he was not happy with his working conditions. He was advised to Wait till the Dasha and Bhukti of Jupiter - Saturn for changing of job. We advised him to do his professional consultancy work instead of opting for a job. The native successfully carried out his professional practice for 5-6 years.

We predicted for the individual a change from profession to service in the Dasha-Bhukti and Antra of Jupiter-Venus-Jupiter, which started from October 10th 1997 to 17th February 1998. The native got an excellent good offer for a job offering a remuneration package, which was almost double from what he was making from his professional practice. The native joined the service in the month of December 1997.

The native carried out his duties successfully in the job and got power and money and name in the job. After a couple of years the native again came to us for consultation as we already gave prediction for a change in job. After going through the horoscope we advised the native to wait for a change in job till mid 2001. We also predicted an entire different field in which the native will take his job.

Eventually the native resigned for his job in the Dash Bhukti Antra of Jupiter-Mars-Jupiter, and gave his resignation in the month of July 2001 and took a marketing/sales job. This showed a change from the accounting /finance field to an entirely new field which was marketing/sales. The native rapidly rose in his present job and at present he is enjoying a satisfied career and earning good money from his job.

The native will get a promotion in mid July 2003 in the Dasha Bhukti Antra of Jupiter- Rahu - Ketu. The native will enjoy an excellent career in the present company till mid July 2004. We have predicted difficulties in the native's career from start of Saturn's Dasha starting from 20th July 2004. The Saade Sati's second cycle's first phase will also start from 01/11/2006 and will remain till 09/09/2009. The native will be transferred from his present job to a distant place, which will not be to his liking. We have suggested Saturn's Saade Sati's remedies, Shani Shanti and other special remedies for diluting the Saturn's effect and give him stability in the job. The Dasha Bhukti of Saturn - Saturn and Saturn- Mercury is going to be a average period career wise for the native. The native is advised to stick to his job and do not try for change in profession/career as this could result in loss and mental agony for the native.

The native will enjoy enhancement in career in the Dasha Bhukti of Saturn Mars and this success will continue till the Dasha Bhukti of Saturn- Jupiter, which will end in mid July 2023.

The next Dasha of Mercury, which will last 17 years, is not going to be a good one for native for career. The native is been suggested Upayas for the same which consists of japams and special pooja's for diluting the ill effects of the Dasha lord. The ill effects will not go away entirely but their bad effect will be controlled to a considerable extent giving necessary relief to the native.

The native will enjoy long life and will earn money even in twilight of his professional life in the next Dasha of Ketu also.