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Education Report (Case Study)


Date of Birth: 13th July 1975
Place of Birth: Delhi
Time of Birth: 20:20 hours

The Education of the Native started in the Dasha of Sun. The early education of the individual would have been average. Next Dasha was of Moon, which should be very bad for the native for the education, which was subsequently confirmed from the native, when he came to us for consultation. The native barely able to scrap through his exams in this period, with passable grades, giving much heartbreak to his parents and well-wishers.

The native's parents came to us with the native for suggestions and advice for the native. After going through the horoscope of the native it was found that the next Dasha of the native, which was of Mars, was signifying dramatic improvement in the education of the native signifying his best period of education. Accordingly when the parents of the native asked for advice about the type of subject native should choose for his future career, we suggested them to opt for the engineering like civil or automobile engineering. At our suggestion the parents as well as the native were not very hopeful hearing this suggestion, because until then the native was barely passing through his exams.

We suggested strongly for the automobile engineering for the native. The Mars was showing the best combinations for study and its placement was indicating an engineering stream as study. Taking our advice the native's parents requested for science stream for their son and got that from the school. The Dasha of Mars started from January 1991 and ended on January 1998. During this period not only the native completed his engineering study but also passed out with flying colors in every exam he gave. The Dasha of Mars made him an automobile engineer.

The native after becoming an automobile engineer immediately got a job offer in one of the prestigious Car Manufacturers of India. At present he is happily working in that company and earning good remuneration.

We have predicted a switch from service to business around February 2003 for the native and the native is having thoughts of changing his job and opening his own workshop. For his successful business operations we have suggested some mantras and Upayas, which he will follow once he will enter in his own business.

The Dasha of Jupiter starting from 18th January 2016 also indicates education for the native. The native will study some advanced new stream, which will be related to his business.