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Marriage Report (Case Study)

Mrs. EFG

Date of Birth: 27th of February 1970
Place of Birth: Amritsar
Time of Birth: 04:55 hours

According to Astrology the marriage of the native takes place in the Dasha Bhukti and Antra of the planets signifying the combination of the 2nd, 7th and the 11th houses. As we all know that the 2nd house if the prime house of family life, 7th house is the prime house of marriage/partner/spouse and the 11th house signifies the gain of spouse/life partner and it also signifies the fulfillment of desires. The transits are also taken in to effect when assessing the time /period of the marriage.

The native got engaged in the Dasha Bhukti Antra of Saturn Mercury Moon. The concerned period showed some bickering in the chart of the native. The native's marriage got postponed due to a couple of deaths in the family. The parents of the native came to us for consultation for the approximate time of the marriage. After going through the chart we found out that the Dasha Bhukti and Antra of Saturn Mercury Venus signified marriage of the native, which was coming from 18th of December 1991 to 30th May 1992. The native got married on 21st February 1992 in the said Dasha Bhukti and Antra.

The native's horoscope shows separative tendencies and accordingly she was told to control her emotions and adjust in the environment. She was suggested mantras for keeping her emotions and her separative and aggressive behavior under check, but she was not able to adjust and keep her emotions her in check even after aware of her short comings and before hand warning from us about the problems which might occur in married life.

The native's got bickering in her married life within a couple of years of her marriage. The native got separated from her in-laws home and started living separately with her husband. After some time the arguments with her husband got deeper and deeper and the couple separated in the Dasha Bhukti Antra of Saturn Venus Rahu. As of date the couple are separated and living separately.

The Dasha Bhukti Antra of Saturn Rahu and Sun are signifying a legal separation for the native.

The Dasha Bhukti of Mercury Mercury signifies remarriage for the native. The native was told the same and as of now she is waiting for the right Dasha Bhukti for filing for her divorce and then remarrying in the time/period suggested to her by us.