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Progency Report (Case Study)

Mrs. ABC

Date of Birth: 02nd February 1964
Place of Birth: Delhi
Time of Birth: 09:20 hours

According to Astrology the houses involved in the birth of a child are:
2nd, 5th, 11th and 9th house. As we all know that the 2nd house signifies the prime house of family, 5th house is the prime house of children, 11th house signifies gain of children and fulfillment of desires, 9th house does not play any major role in the child's birth but it promotes child birth. It is a facilitator house for the birth of a child.

Birth of a child takes place in the Dasha Bhukti and Antra of the planets signifying the houses 2, 5 and 11. For childbirth female's horoscope is of prime importance than the horoscope of the male because male's role is restricted to giving his seed, whereas the female receives the seed, and carries the fetus in her womb for nine months and then eventually gives birth to her child. If the male's horoscope is showing tendencies of low sperm count then the child's birth can be delayed or not happen at all.

The native's horoscope is showing low sperm count as almost most of the planets signify 1, 4 and 10 combinations, which signify low sperm count in the male. When the native was asked then it was confirmed that native has a low sperm count and he is on medication.

After going through the native's horoscope minutely we suggested a period of Dasha Bhukti of Jupiter- Ketu for childbirth. Native's wife's horoscope is good for childbirth. The native's Dasha Bhukti of Jupiter Ketu will start on 5th March 2005 and will end on 09th February 2006. In this case it is almost certain that native will be cured of his problem of low sperm count and in this period will be able to make his wife pregnant with his seed.