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What Full Length Horoscope contains

  • Your Birth Ascendant, Sun Sign, Moon Sign and 'Nakshatra', according to Vedic Astrology.
  • Useful information like your Lucky Color, Lucky Number, Lucky Day; Auspicious & Inauspicious Day, Date, Month & Period.
  • Your Nature & Temperament, Your Physical Characteristics, Your Personality & Attitude - Positive and Negative Traits, as predicted by the 'Shastras' & as perceived by Modern Astrology.
  • Interpretations of Planetary Dispositions in your Horoscope, the position and influence of various planets, their Positive and Negative, Good & Bad effects on various aspects of your life. This section includes Predictions for the future, and explains in detail, the direction in which the stars shall impel you, how they will influence & effect you & your decisions.
  • Your Wealth and Fortune, Love and Marriage, Health and Diseases, Family and Children, Work and Profession, as per your Horoscope.
  • Time- periods or ‘Dasa periods’, as the planets transit, and how they influence you because of their position and these time-periods, the effect they shall have on your life, the direction they are bound to propel you in - Predictions based on this for the whole of your life.
  • The 'Sadhesati' of Saturn, or the 'seven & a half year' period which occurs thrice in a person's life-time, & is considered most crucial. A detailed analysis of the Results/Effects of this 'Sadhesati', it's neutral and chronic phases, as well as Age-old Remedies from the Vedas to eliminate the negative effects of the same.
  • Complete Horoscope Charts with most accurate and specific calculations, including Birth Chart, Moon Chart, 'Navamsha' & 'Bhava' Charts.

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