Corporate Astrology
Corporate Astrology

Head Hunting or employing able employees for a company has become the most important job in the leading corporate circles. All big corporate and multinationals have waken upto the fact and have started taking help of corporate astrologer for picking up the right person for the right job.

The following entities are usually entering in to commercial activities. Sole Proprietorship concern, Partnership firms or Companies.

Sole proprietorship concerns and partnerships firms are ruled by one of few individuals , while the Company or Body Corporate is ruled by many people including participation from public.

From astrological point of view since corporate entity is ruled by various individuals which include the CEO or Managing Director the horoscopes of the key persons become of paramount importance for it's smooth running, operations and its growth prospects.

From our point of view it becomes relevant that the key persons have the appropriate combinations in relation to the business carried out by the body corporate. Similarly the next step should be to have the right combination for various departmental heads. For example the head of finance and accounts should have good mercury and Jupiter. Similarly quality control head should have good mercury and Venus and so forth.

In the cases if the horoscope of the individuals are not available then Horary or Prasana Charts are of great importance and they give highly accurate results.

This way astrology plays a very important and significant role in growth and prospects of a company. If these aspects are taken care of at the time of appointment of the key managerial people then there are very good chances of success of a body corporate.

Since a body corporate is deemed be an Individual a natal horoscope can be erected/drawn by taking date, time and place of birth of the representatives of the company to the registering authority, but the horoscope of the CEO or Managing Director and other departmental heads and key officers is more important than the natal chart of the company.

We will advise about the type of persons to be recruited in different  departments after checking their horoscopes.
We will advice about the type of business to be undertaken ( In case of New Ventures after checking the natal chart of the promotoer(s)
We will advice remedial measures in case the Business is not giving the desired result.
We will give the good and bad periods in the Business and how to convert bad periods in to good periods.

Lastly We would say that Corporate Astrology is for a businessman who has both the courage and independent thinking which will enable him/her to hire an astrologer and to walk on the road to success.

Please Contact us in complete confidence with birth details of your key persons for a detailed Corporate Astrology advice which could change your business growth many times over. Better it could change your life for ever....