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Aquarius natives, in connection with you, emphasize the friendship angle of your chart - they activate the hopes and wishes section of your solar horoscope. Aquarius is not always good for you, even though it is favorable aspected to your sign. The Aquarian touches your aspirations, and when this happens, you sometimes wind up being let down. Sometimes you almost appear predisposed to be disappointed when it comes to living up to or fulfilling aspirations. Aries, take special care when dealing with a member of the opposite sex born under Aquarius. These people attract you. They make promises.

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They are romantic. You want to believe and, in wanting to believe, you invite deception. This is a combination of Fire and Air . Aquarius being of the Air element. The heat grows in intensity as the flames are fanned by the Air. The Uranus of Aquarius combines with your Mars ruler to produce sudden action, quick responses, a vital friendship, which could develop into something more serious. You are direct, frank, desiring to get directly to the heart of matters. But in relation to an Aquarian, some of your strong points are weakened. You procrastinate, you make excuses, and you cover up to save your pride.
For fun and games, this is a fine relationship, but realize that ultimately the same could become the real thing.

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