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With another Aries, the relationship is one that is active, constantly striving, idealistic, concerned with universal appeal and faraway places. It could be quite fiery; both would want -to assume leadership. He comes alive if you take the initiative in demonstrating love. His sexual nature is one that could be described as fiery, intense. Aries man, where sex is concerned can be considered a special case." His ego is sex life. The more this man thinks you appreciate him, the more be will respond, will return the compliment.

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The Aries woman is not the kind you can lead in circles. She wants to know where she is going and has some ideas on how to set there. In loving her, do not fall into a routine or rut. Respond to her romantic flair. Lend fuel to her desire for experimentation. This woman can be temperamental, headstrong, independent, and she can exude a kind of arrogance and sex appeal based on a blending of pride and willingness to give. Her standards are high; they are peculiar to her. You cannot force her or push her, but neither should you fear the Aries woman. Nothing discourages her more than constant indulgence. She is not easy to live with, but she is likely to be worth the trouble.


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