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Where the zodiacal sign Cancer is concerned, the aspect is not favorable, which means, Aries, that you have to work to make this relationship last. It does not happen by itself. You are a Fire Sign and Cancer is of the Water element. Persons born under Cancer activate your sense of responsibility. However, on the negative side there is a tendency for you to feel tied down. Cancer is good for you where your Home and your property are concerned. Cancer also is favorable where long-range projects enter the picture, Cancer is associated with the Moon - and this brings together your Mars with the Moon, creating a male-female polarity and bringing about physical attraction.

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Cancer's general effect on you is of a settling-down nature, of encouraging Homemaking, of making you aware of what has to be saved for the proverbial rainy day. You can inspire Cancer and Cancer can calm you. Now, once this is balanced, the calmness and the inspiration-there is a fine relationship. Meeting and dealing with Cancer is part of your experience, for you tend to need a weight, a goal, and an objective. You are fiery and independent ... and Cancer merely is attempting to channel your forces in constructive directions. In enhancing security, the purchase of property, Cancer is good for you. But there is' a tendency for resentment to build ... for steam to be transformed from vapor into an explosive force: when this occurs the relationship could be over.


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