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Gemini individual is restless, has numerous ideas and plenty of nervous energy. In a sense, this is fine. However, carried to extremes, you both tend to scatter your forces. The key is to be selective, to choose the best. The Gemini is Mercury and your significator is Mars. Gemini tends to give you a sense of direction, but also to tire you. This is because you find yourself moving, visiting, entertaining, being entertained. You tend to try to be every place at once when tied up with the typical Gemini native. Gemini makes you want to learn, to experiment, to report, whether that reporting be in the from of notes and eventually a story or article.

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Gemini gets you going - sometimes to the point of starting arguments. You can argue with Gemini, and Gemini can make you tired, but, Aries, you are also intellectually stimulated ... and this is no small matter.

With Gemini, you can expect a plentiful supply of change, travel and variety. There is excitement generated and muck activity. If your forces are properly channeled, this combination could be a profitable, satisfying one.

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