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You get up and go with Leo; there is action and there are new starts in new directions. Your creative urge is stimulated; the Sun of Leo combines with your Mars to create physical response. Natives of Leo attract you in a basic sense; you are drawn, almost magnetized. The Sun and Mars combination symbolizes a spark, ignited into a fire, which turns bright and quickly. Leo affects that part Of Your Solar horoscope having to do with children, sex, and creative endeavors, speculation. The two signs - Aries and Leo - are well aspected; the combination is excellent for enthusiasm, excitement, the creating of methods, operation. With Leo, you tend to break off old relationships and to enter a new phrase of activity.

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With Leo, you are seldom in one place for very long. Questions are asked and answers demanded. With Leo, there is much affection and some of it could be showered on children. You tend to regard Leo as your opportunity to express inventive qualities. If you want to play games with emotions, find someone else. With Leo, You could become inextricably involved.

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