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Libra is the sign opposite Your own-these people attract you in the manner that opposites attract. There could be an excellent physical relationship here. However, on the negative side, this could lead to legal maneuvers, which tarnish your image.

Libra represents your Seventh Solar sector, which has to do with public relations, marriage, contracts, and legal documents. Libra persons bring out compassion in you. However, you also are tempted to take advantage of the Libran. You push - Libra gives. You push some more, Libra continues to give. And if you continue pushing, Libra could be pushed out of your life.

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So, Aries, in dealing with Libra, you learn the lesson of restraint. You also learn to protect your image. This is because Libra has a way of making you see yourself as others do. You are able, Aries, to lead - but you must not get so far ahead that you leave others behind. Libra helps to drive home this point. Librans contain many of your opposite qualities. So it is constructive for you to observe the Libran, to learn lessons-and to apply them.

There is definite attraction between Aries and Libra because the two are basically opposite. And for you, Aries, this is all to the good. Some of your aggressive qualities are toned down if you are around Libra for any length of time. Aries and Libra-all in all, there could be great harmony, if Aries, you don't push quite so hard.

The Libra Venus and your Mars significator blend in a manner to provide warmth, interesting physical reactions and success at joint efforts. There are problems here, but there also are enough assets to result in success - if you care enough.


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