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With Pisces, you tend to brood, to have secret longings and fears. You want to give your best; very often you give more than you receive. You try, it would appear, to cleanse yourself of some real or imagined guilt. This seems to be the way Pisces-acts on you. Pisces is a water sign, you are a fire sign. It is not easy for you to blend with Pisces. But, Aries, you certainly can learn. Pisces stimulates you to study, to research, to appreciate privacy. Pisces , in actuality , is good for your nerves, providing a sense of balance.

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Basically Pisces and Aries- together- make it difficult to arrive at facts. A kind of dreamy atmosphere is likely to prevail. The unexpected, the unseen, the hidden- these are emphasized, the unseen, the hidden- these are emphasized for you when you connect with a Piscean.

Pisces is good for you on special study projects. With Pisces, there are apt to be clandestine meetings or activities. You get the truth with Pisces-this is not always pleasant, but it is of value, You succeed with Pisces in charity drives, in financing a project sponsored by a special group, club, organization. However, Pisces and Aries relating as individuals are apt to lack staying power. To make this association succeed on the personal level, you are going to have to work at it.

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