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Taurus persons are good for you financially. You also are physically attracted to the Taurean. Taurus is associated with Venus, while your ruling planet is Mars. These two planets, symbolically, represent physical attraction. The Sun of Taurus is in your Second House, which is associated with income, money, possessions, your ability to collect data, and to obtain legitimate bargains.

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But, Aries, a word of caution. Taurus men and women may be a bit slow moving for you. Aries tends to be aggressive, craves action, becomes Impatient.

In a way, Taurus is good for you, as he sets an example of patience. In dealing with Taurus for business purposes, you should not try to force your view or will. Taurus can be determined-and this determination, when carried to extremes, turns into downright stubbornness. In personal relations, the Taurus individual both attracts and infuriates you. These two signs are neutral in relation to each other, and Taurus is good for you where financial transactions are concerned. You definitely are intrigued with Taurus; there is a sensuousness, which emanates from these natives that "Sets to you." In doing any purchasing, it is advantageous to have a Taurus with you. You could be lucky with bargains when accompanied by a native of this sign.


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