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Virgo persons serve you, remind you, often bring about feelings of guilt. This is because Virgo represents your Sixth House, associated with basic duties, health, work. Virgo makes you aware of how much further you have to go, your potential has yet to be filled. Virgo makes realize that you are health conscious. Virgo causes you to put ideas to practical use. Virgo does have a tendency to criticize. However, mainly, your own good. Virgo teaches you lessons of this is for cooperation. The Virgo native, in relation to you, is one who gnaws at your conscience.

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Virgo is conscious of money - of what goes out, what comes in - conscious of your assets and deficits. There are changes due when you tie up with a Virgo person. But, Aries, you can benefit from this kind of concern. You may tire of it, but there also are benefits.
In general, Virgo provides a protective influenced but, despite a desire to settle down, the relationship tends to wear thin. You are too headstrong to be confined by the Virgo diet, recriminations and criticisms aimed, always, "for your own good".

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