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With Aquarius, you tend to he restless, almost as if you were associating with another Gemini. Aquarius touches that part of your Solar horoscope related to journeys, mental activity, publishing, writing, the ability to reach out and stretch above your environment. Aquarius persons stimulate you to learn and cause you to be dissatisfied with the status quo. The Uranus of Aquarius and your Mercury add up to a finalizing, of desires. Aquarius leads you, always promising more ---- until you become rather exhausted from following and anticipating.

Uranus and Mercury respectively rule Gemini and Aquarius. This, in turn, points to a kind of mental acrobatics. You certainly will meet your match in Aquarius if you are seeking to be far out. You'll get a great companion and counterpart if you want to he on the move, to travel, to learn, to report and to record your findings.

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Aquarius gets you going, stimulates you --- and then may have a change of heart, a change of mind. Aquarius could represent something of a burden for you. Such an association means responsibility, but not necessarily any financial reward. Aquarius gets you interested in causes. You campaign and expend nervous energy. But, Gemini, when it's all over you may ask yourself, "What do I have to show for it? "

If it's excitement you seek, and a better understanding of the world in which you live, then don't hesitate to tie up with Aquarius. But if it's profit that is your motive, it's best to look elsewhere.

With Aquarius, you could embark upon long journeys. Uranus (Aquarius) and your Mercury blend to create progress. Interest in the welfare of others is emphasized. You create better conditions for others, but often at a sacrifice to yourself.

That's how it is likely to be when you team up with Aquarius. Overall, the match is beneficial. In any case the excitement of self-discovery is featured.

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