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Aries individuals affect that section of the Gemini chart related to hopes, wishes, and friendship. You are attracted to Aries. The attraction can grow into Love. Listen, Gemini: you might start out playing games with the Fire sign, Aries. But don't play with fire if you are not prepared to get burned. The relationship here can be favorable, if you are prepared for the consequences. Those consequences include a lasting relationship, physical attraction, a liking of hopes and desires.

Many of your friends are Aries native. Together, Aries and Gemini create adventure, travel opportunities. Your creative urges are accented. You love change, adventure, and travel. With Aries you could find the perfect companion or mate. But you both tend to tire each other. Realize, Gemini that Aries does like to lead the way. And you have some ideas of and you don't take your own -you tend to be experienced and you don't take kindly to regimentation.

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You have a lot to learn from Aries. But in the process, you could be rubbed the wrong way. Expect a fascinating relationship but the road is not smooth. You will have to arrive at an understanding. Otherwise, much of your energy will be spent in arguing, in conflict.

Generally, Aries is favorable for you. Your interests are heightened. You read. You write. You express opinions. You travel. Very exciting if you first decide that Aries is going to be the boss, no matter what!

The Mars of Aries and your Mercury ruler blend to produce excitement, travel, a tendency to argue but a basic attraction, which makes it a pleasure to reconcile. Aries may force you to get down to business where ideas are concerned. If you don't mind being led. Eventually Aries could be instrumental in aiding you toward goals, toward fulfillment of desires.

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