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Cancer activates that part of your solar horoscope associated with money and personal possessions. Your Mercury, combined with the Cancer Moon ruler, produces a tendency toward moodiness. Ups and downs in the emotional area are not uncommon in this relationship. An element of self-deception exists. You tend to view Cancer in an idealistic light. When flaws appear, you are surprised. If, however, in the very beginning you are realistic, then the match has a better chance to succeed.

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With Cancer, you have a tendency to try many things, to experiment, Eventually, you could come up with a moneymaking plan. It takes Persistence. Cancer provides a steadying influence, especially where funds are concerned. If you are willing to overcome some of your wanderlust, then Cancer could be ideal. Cancer appreciates your sense of humor.

Cancer stimulates you to think, to create. With Cancer, you can make money and valuable contacts. But it takes a mature Cancer --- and a grown-up Gemini - for this relationship to last. Unless a special effort is made, the relationship could evaporate - by mutual consent.

Each is sensitive to the moods of the other. Depression proves catching. Constant dialogue is a necessity. Otherwise, minor misunderstandings grow out of proportion.

Cancer makes you security-conscious. You are less likely to speculate, more apt to go in for solid investments. You add to possessions - you spend to earn. You invest. Cancer helps you to understand land values, real estate. Cancer gives you a sense of pride in ownership.

In all, the relationship represents challenge. The effort could be worthwhile; but success in this association does not come on a silver platter. You must earn it.

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