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Capricorn appeals to your sense of mystery and glamour. But money is involved and you must attend to details. You see, Gemini, Capricorn persons will not readily understand your restless nature. And they make demands. You are capable of fulfilling these demands ... but this doesn't mean you will want to do so. It's not very easy for you to keep secrets from Capricorn. In a positive sense, Capricorn relieves you of burdens and helps get to the bottom of mysteries. In a negative sense, Capricorn merely gets under your skin.

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You learn about yourself through a relationship with Capricorn. You dig deep, uncover mysteries, and see a side of yourself, which was not previously visible. Capricorn encourages you to seek investment opportunities. Capricorn can teach you to invest in your own talents. You gain through this association, Gemini, if you're willing to bear down - if you mean business. Capricorn will see through any halfway methods or Half-hearted attempts.

The keynote of the relationship is money, responsibility and hidden assets, this may not be the most romantic combination, but there is drive here and certainly there is attraction.]

Capricorn helps you get started and could he instrumental in providing a greater degree of financial security. Listen, Gemini - if you need balance, if you desire a sense of well being then you have found the right individual in Capricorn.

Some of your freedom is curtailed. You learn to play the waiting game. With Capricorn, you learn to be observant. You dig for information beyond the superficial level. Capricorn teaches you to be thorough. With Capricorn, you handle the money of other people. You will have an interesting time, but the restrictions could become depressing.

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