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With another Gemini, there is action. You begin projects. You renovate and revise; you modernize. The relationship is stimulating. Ideas are transformed into action. With another Gemini, there are inventions, pioneering projects. Impulse rules and the pace are quick.

Gemini women are most appreciative of gifts and surprises. Flowers, followed by a theater party, will help her to realize your worth. Always remember, she doesn't want to be tied down or restricted.

Gemini women can also exhibit a disturbing habit: they laugh at the wrong times. A romantic moment you wish to say or do something momentous and Gemini is laughing. Laugh with her! Here's a warning: when you get used to them, Gemini women can become indispensable. But if you let them know it, you could be in for trouble!

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Loosen the reins: the less you appear dependent, the more you will be depended upon. She has a great sense of humor for this, you can forgive much. It is a great and wonderful quality. With her, you can be exasperated: your nerves will tingle, sometimes with joy - at other times, simply because you're becoming an emotional and physical wreck! But listen: she can be worth it!

The Gemini man barks loud, but his bite is a mere nibble when it comes to chasing other women. Remember this: don't try to inhibit him through jealousy. If you do, this, he is apt to rebel - then the bite equals the bark. You can lose him through possessiveness. Give him plenty of room and he will come home to make a home, to make you happy.

He is versatile, alert, charming and blessed with loads of energy. No matter what the weather, he is willing to go out, to be on the move, to experiment, to satisfy his curiosity- He may tire you, but complaining has an adverse effect. He may agree you have a right, at times, to be downcast. But, in reality, he expects you to keep your coin up, to keep smiling. Hold on to him - but be subtle about it!

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