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Leo person's fit into your general scheme - you are attracted to Leo, Leo mentally stimulates you and you would like to settle down and make a life with Leo. But, Gemini, Leo can be elusive. Very often Gemini and Leo get together to learn lessons from each other. Leo sets a fast pace and, Gemini, for once you are willing to slow down. But, Alas, Leo is just getting started.

The signs are compatible. A sense of humor prevails in this Relationship lots of laughs. But laughter can become shrill and turn to tears. Unless you are willing to keep up, to read, to write, to travel, to make changes, then the harmony that prevails at the beginning could sour. Leo individuals inspire you, give you ideas, and make you want to give of yourself. Many of your contacts and your romances are associated with Leo.

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Domestic conditions can be at the center of your relationship with Leo. There is talk of common residence, marriage you find, to a degree, peace and harmony with Leo. But, listen, Gemini: the chief result of this relationship is mental stimulation for you. Ideas are plentiful. But Leo tends to discipline you. Leo encourages you to be discriminating to choose the best of many plans, schemes, ideas, and possibilities.

Whether or not the Gemini-Leo relationship lasts, it does provide fireworks and plenty of heat. But, ideally, Gemini, you require warmth. And whether or not the heat will ultimately generate warmth depends on the degree of determination exercised by both Gemini and Leo.

The Sun of Leo and your Mercury blend to create a kind of stimulation, which results in short journeys, heated disputes, separations and reconciliation's. To put it mildly plenty of action!

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