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You relate to Libra in an exciting, creative sense. The signs Gemini and Libra are trined, or compatible. You are aroused physically by Libra. Libra touches the area of your solar horoscope associated with love, sex, affection, courtship and self-expression. The Gemini-Libra combination equals Mercury and Venus, and the two signs together can make profound music.

Plainly, this is no relationship that can be laughed off, tampered with or taken as a lark. If you're not serious, Gemini, don't become involved with Libra. The stakes are too high, including children, affection, and the very heartbeat of your being. You see, this is not the very heartbeat of your being. You see this is not the kind of association you turn on or off. Once on, the light burns brightly.

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Once on, the heat generated leads forward, to complications, to involvement. We should repeat, perhaps; if you don't intend to get involved, don't start with Libra in the first place.
Listen, Gemini: you learn from Libra of dedication and love. You learn to give, to exchange and to receive graciously. It's very important to adhere to principles. Once you fall down on these, the relationship suffers.

The higher you set your sights, the better for both you and Libra. Your wonderful teaching and reporting qualities are stimulated by the relationship. Your creative resources are brought forward.

Children could have muck to do with this relationship. Gemini with Libra is especially harmonious when dealing with youngsters. Basically, the relationship is healthy. The attraction is there and it could, for you, represent basic fulfillment.

You may find Libra too placid. You may want Libra to possess more get-up-and-go. But the steadying influence here could be advantageous. Patience, Gemini patience!

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