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Here, with Pisces, your career is affected. So are your ambitions, aspirations and so, too, is your status. The Neptune of Pisces blends with Mercury, your ruling planet, to produce an element of confusion. Pisces puzzles you. There is an air of mystery about Pisces and you want to penetrate it. Neptune and Mercury can add up to creative imagination or it can add up to deception. The final answer depends, of course, upon the Pisces and Gemini individuals.

You, Gemini, are apt to reach out for perfection in this relationship. You want to advance, to gain authority and power. Pisces aids in these directions; but, very often, it is on Pisces' terms. You may be deceived into thinking you can be the dominant one with Pisces. This will not be the case. Pisces, in a subtle manner, leads the way. You eventually could become an unwilling follower!

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There are problems here; there is also an abundance of romantic feeling. But the romance could lack staying power; it is not so much passion as it is anticipation. In a way, your relationship with Pisces is akin to chasing a rainbow. It seems within grasp, but somehow proves evasive. The relationship seems nebulous and on the brink. There is desire. There is also illusion. Turning illusion to reality is the task to be accomplished if the relationship is to succeed.

Pisces could drive you and demand an accounting of your accomplishments; this might build resentment. It is fine for the fulfillment of certain ambitions, but takes muck will power if it is to result in a lasting partnership. Gemini and Pisces learn from each other and the lessons could be difficult ones. If, Gemini, you' re just out for a lark, you could get your wings clipped.

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