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With Scorpio you are intrigued, but the relationship can be a trying one. You tend to finish before you start, to envision such great projects that you are tired before you actually get going!

With Scorpio, you work. You try to break through but find yourself in a kind of maze. You run hither and yon, which is familiar to the Gemini nature. Scorpio touches that part of your chart associated with service, pets, employees, and general health and jobs as differentiated from position or career. The Scorpio individual makes you aware of health and work resolutions - and regulations.

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In connection with Scorpio, you become the person who helps, who aids those with problems. Usually, Gemini, it is you who confides in others. But Scorpio confides in you and, before you know it, you have promised to tackle a project. You begin working and then you begin to rebel.

This is not an easy relationship because it might lack some of the excitement Gemini craves. There is a steadying influence; you can gain from it. But you have to be patient, and you must be dedicated. Scorpio makes you finish what you start. And this, in itself, is good. You see, Gemini, you do your best when you know that there is nowhere to go until a current cycle is completed, the job finished. With Scorpio, you get down to the business at hand - and you usually finish it.

Gemini needs at least one Scorpio. This is because natives of this sign serve your needs. You don't always know what it is you require and Scorpio helps clarify this area, The Pluto of Scorpio, combined with your Mercury, enables you better to perceive long-range goals, You may change your mind, may take detours, but at least you do know where you Ultimately are going.

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