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Taurus individuals make you aware of your Fear. Taurus tantalizes because you find it difficult to understand the true Taurean. Listen, Gemini: you can make this a successful relationship if you rise above petty complaints. Taurus inspires you to see a project as a whole, not in bits and pieces. If willing to share knowledge, to learn and to teach, then this becomes a profitable association.

Taurus persons affect that part of your chart related to the unseen, the unexpected, the hidden - the mysteries of life. Taurus also encourages you to join organizations, clubs, and groups. Taurus encourages you to enter institutions of higher learning.

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You are attracted, yet also have apprehensions concerning the Taurus person. Taurus shakes the skeletons in your closet.

Secrets are revealed - You learn to live with the true facts of your life. Taurus stands fast and encourages you to unburden yourself of problems. Gemini and Taurus are neighbors of the zodiac, side by side. But both signs exhibit almost opposite qualities, Perhaps, Gemini, that's why you are fascinated by Taurus.

While you are restless, Taurus is fixed in nature. While you are On the move, Taurus very often is stubborn and adverse to change.

There is a tendency for you to become bogged down in this relationship. Unless you are willing to make some major concessions, such an association does represent problems. But you are no stranger to trouble, Gemini. And Taurus could kelp settle you, could bring a needed element of stability to your life.

The Venus of Taurus blends with your mercury ruler highlight intuitive qualities. With Taurus, there are clandestine meetings; secrets are shared. A romantic atmosphere prevails, But the relationship could lack balance, leaning one way or the other. Your restlessness and the Taurus tendency to stay put could create problems.

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