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In connection with Virgo, these persons tend to restrict you, to bring home an awareness of responsibility. Virgo and Gemini share the same ruling planet, which is a mercury. Combined, this produces a relationship, which smacks of me first. When you talk to Virgo, you don't listen. Instead, you half-listen while planning your answer or retort.

Virgo affects that part of your chart connected with home environment, stability and property. Virgo tends to correct you and slow you down. When done in a constructive, sympathetic manner, this is all to the good. The key, Gemini, is to choose a mature Virgo. Otherwise, there is conflict, even combat.

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You have never been noted for choosing the right persons. But, when dealing with Virgo, realize that long range projects could be at stake, as well as your future and such material things as property and home. When you play with Virgo, you are playing for keeps and you had better not enter the game in the first place unless you are familiar with the rules, the regulations and the possible consequences.

Gemini and Virgo are drawn together by circumstances, by mutual interests affecting the security of both. Listen, Gemini: you do have lessons to learn from Virgo. But be sure you are ready before you enroll in the class.

The "double dose " of Mercury raises the question of who is to take the lead. Virgo wants to serve, to offer constructive criticism. You want action. Who says when to go, when to remain? That becomes a major point of contention in this relationship. In all, Gemini and Virgo really have much in common; but the fact that friction exists between you cannot be denied.

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