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Name: A B C
Date of birth: January 31,1975
Place of birth: Calcutta, India
Time of birth: 09:10:00

Dear ABC,

Please find our analysis of your horoscope along with your Complete Life Predictions with exhaustive comments on almost all the major life happenings period (Dasha) wise. We are extremely grateful to you for providing us with this opportunity to analyze your horoscope. The accuracy of our predictions depends on the accuracy of the time of birth given to us by you. Please note that we can only give you guideline to act upon, you have to put your efforts in order to get benefit from our guidelines. We wish you luck and pray to God that you overcome all obstacles in your life.

Best of Regards

Kamal Kapoor
Chief Astrologer

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Date Of Birth




Day Of Birth




Time Of Birth

09:10:00  Hrs



Time Of Birth

7: 13: 28  Ghati



 (In Ghati)    




Place Of Birth


Vikram Samvat




Saka Samvat






Local Birth Time

09:33:36  Hrs

Lunar Paksha


Local Birth Date


Lunar Tithi


Sun Rise

6: 16: 36  Hrs

Tithi At Sunrise



17: 24: 7  Hrs

Tithi Ending Time

6: 18: 57  Hrs

Day Duration

11: 7: 30  Hrs

Nak. At Sunrise


Sidereal Time

18: 12: 32  Hrs

Nak. Ending Time

14: 30: 12  Hrs


13: 22: 44  Ghati

Yoga At Sunrise



40: 52: 45  Ghati

Yoga Ending Time

23: 46: 8  Hrs



Karan At Sunrise


Balance Of Dasha

Sun 1Y 5M 19D

Karan Ending Time

6: 18: 57  Hrs


Lagna Chart


Events at a Glance


Education: Education of the Native started in the Dasha of Moon. In the period starting from 18th July 1986 to 17th January 1990 there will be drop in education of the native. From 17th January 1990 to 18th January 1993, there will be marked improvement in the education of the native. By March 1996 the native will complete his education.


Career: The native will start itís own business with some help from his maternal uncle immediately after completing his education from March 1996 onwards. Business will run smoothly till 17th January 2004. From 17th January 2004 to 29th December 2008 the business will be down. This trend will continue in the period from 30th June 2010 to 18th July 2011.Period starting from 17th November 2022 to 18th March 2024 will see improved business conditions for the native. The period starting from 21st July 2030 to 30th March 2033 covering part of Saturn Dasha will give excellent business results to the native, and native will amass huge wealth.


Purchase of Property: The native will buy property in the period of Jupiter in the period starting from 4th September 2013 to 18th March 2016.


Purchase of vehicle: The native will buy his first vehicle in the main Dasha of Rahu in the period from June 2002 to January 2004. Native would purchase few more vehicles in his lifetime. The native will again buy a luxury vehicle in the period from 4th September 2013 to 18th March 2016 in the main period of Jupiter.


Travel: Travel for the purpose of business and pilgrimage will be quite frequent after March 2024. Travel abroad is indicated from the years 2024 to 2030.


Marriage: The Native will get engaged around June 2001 and get married in the period January 2002 to June 2002. The native would also have get good dowry .The period from July 18th 2011 to July 18th 2027 will not be good for the native for marital life. The period from 18th March 2016 to 23rd June 2018 will see improvement in the married life of the individual.


Children: Two children are promised in the Horoscope. Although Horoscope of spouse is essentially required to tell this with authority. etc . First child is expected in the period from June 2002 to 17th January 2004 and the second from March 2016 to 23rd June 2018.


Health: The Horoscope promises a long life. The native will suffer health problems from the period 18th May 1977 to 17th December 1977. At the time of his birth there are indications of him getting jaundice. There is a strong possibility of native meeting with an accident in the period starting from January 28th 2022 to November 2022.The period of Mercury starting from 18th March 2046 to 18th July 2063 will see the native falling ill periodically. The subsequent main Dasha of Ketu and Venus also signifies poor health for the native.


Litigations: The Horoscope does not show major litigation throughout life.


Period (Dasha) wise analysis of major happenings of life


From January 31, 1975 to July 18,1976 main period of Sun

This period is not suitable for health of the individual. Indications of illness at the time of birth are indicated. Disease such as jaundice is indicated from the chart of the individual. Recovery from the disease will be slow and steady. Due care should be taken; otherwise the disease could cause damage.

From  July 18, 1976 to July 18, 1986 main period of Moon

This is going to be a good period indicating success in education. The period from 18th May 1977 till December 17th 1977 is not good for health. The individual will be severely affected by the diseases in this period and recovery will be very slow. Chances of an accident cannot be ruled out in this period. Due care is to be given to minimize the damage done by this event. The next six years will shape this individualís initial mental makeup and make him into a very active and intelligent child, the apple of everyoneís' eyes. The period from 18th October 1983 to 16th January 1986 will see this individual traveling with his family and generally enjoying and having a good time. The period from January 16th 1986 to July 18th, 1986 indicates some minor problems health wise, but with due care they will be taken care of successfully.

From July 18, 1986 to July 18, 1993 main period of Mars 

From July 18th, 1986 onwards there will be a drop in the academic performance. This phase will continue up to January 17th 1990.  The individual will become more introspective, and feeling lonely even when surrounded by friends.  The period from January 17th 1990 till July 18th 1993 will see marked improvement in the academic performance of the individual, giving happiness and joy to individual as well as to his parents and relatives.

From July 18, 1993 to July 18, 2011 main period of Rahu 

After completing his study around March 1996 the individual will start his own business with some help from his maternal uncle.  There are indications of the business of trading / commission done by this individual. The individual will get engaged around June 2001 and will get married in the period from January 2002 to June 2002. The bride will be beautiful and of an adjusting nature.

From June 2002 to January 17th 2004 there are indications of childbirth to the individual. The childbirth is to be seen from the horoscope of the bride of the individual. The horoscope of the individual shows his capacity to sire children; hence we can say that the individual is capable of aiding in childbirth.

The business of the individual will run smoothly till January 17th 2004 and will give profits and joy to the individual. In this period the individual will purchase a vehicle. From January 17th 2004 till 29th December 2008 the business will suffer a down ward trend giving low profits and some times losses to the individual. In between from 29th December 2008 to 30th June 2010, the business will again pick up to some extent and recover the lost ground of the individual, but the lean period will again strike the business of the individual from 30th June 2010 to 18th July 2011. Fortunately this will be a small period as far as the lean patch is concerned.


From July 18, 2011 to July 18, 2027 main period of Jupiter

This period will be not very good for this individualís married life. This individual will have tiffs and strained relations with his spouse in this particular period. The individual will have bickering in his married life from July 18th 2011 onwards. There will be strained relations and fights between the couple. This period will also see the individual buying a property and a luxury vehicle. The individual will buy a property and a luxury vehicle in between the period starting from 4th September 2013 and ending on 18th March 2016.

The period from 18th March 2016 to 23rd June 2018 will see marked improvement in the married life of the individual and that will be the period for the birth of the second child of this individual. The period from 23rd June 2018 till 28th January 2022 will not be a very good period health wise and monetary wise for this individual. There are indications of an accident occurring in this period. The period from January 28th 2022 to November 2022 indicates purchase of another vehicle by the individual.  The period from 17th November 2022 to 18th March 2024 indicates improved business of the individual. The individual will travel to foreign countries in connection with his business from the period 18th March 2024 to 18th July 2027.


From July 18, 2027 to July 18, 2046 main period of Saturn 

The period of Saturn will tilt the individual to spiritual pursuits. The individual will travel to foreign countries from the period starting from 18th July 2027 to 21st July 2030, in connection with his business as well as for pleasure purposes. The period from 21st July 2030 to 30th March 2033 will give the individual excellent results in the business. The individual will amass huge amount of money in this period and in general will have excellent business cycle.

There are strong indications of the individual being kidnapped by business rivals in the period from 28th February 2041 to 3rd August 2041. Timely action of the family members will solve the kidnapping problem and the individual will return home.  This particular period onwards will also tilt the individualís way of thinking towards god and spiritual things. The individual will devote his time more and more towards spiritual pursuits and the business will be taken care by his children and other family members.


From July 18, 2046 to July 18, 2063 main period of Mercury 

The period from 14th December 2048 to 11th December 2049 is going to be very crucial for this individual, as this individual will fall seriously ill. There are chances of grave danger of individual succumbing to his illness. Due care will have to be given to this individual and proper medical care will be required for giving help to this individual.

Period from 17th January 2055 to 2nd August 2058 is also not good health wise for this individual. The recovery from illness will be slow and there is a possibility of a serious fall involving fracture of bones is indicated resulting in crippling of this individual.


From July 18, 2063 to July 18, 2070 main period of Ketu 

This period will be downward for the health of this individual. The individual will be plagued with loss of appetite and sleep. The individual will periodically fall ill and will be in constant discomfort.


From July 18, 2070 to July 18, 2090 main period of Venus 

This period will be downward for the health of this individual. The individual will be totally dependent on doctors plagued with fatal diseases.




Stone Remedy

The individual should wear a pearl of 5 ľ rattis (carats) on his little finger of his right hand all his life. This stone has to be set in silver. After setting this stone in silver the ring is to be wore in the small finger of your right hand. This ring is to be worn on 16th December 2002 (Monday) in between 5.45 A.M. to 6.15 A.M. (Your Local Time).

On the appointed day and time you should recite the following mantra (loudly) 108 times.



The procedure for purification of the stone and ring is as follows:

You should prepare panchamrut. Panchamrut consists of the following:

Ganges Water, Milk, Curd, Honey, Tulsi leaves. Mix all these and put the mixture in a small katori and wash the ring in this mixture. After that clean the ring and light an aggarbati (Incense stick) and after that wear the ring on the little finger.


Mantra Remedy

The individual should take help of the mantra chanting of mantra of Jupiter in the period (Dasha) of Jupiter. This will help in avoiding the bickering in married life of the individual to a great extent. Reciting the Gayatri mantra will increase the luck.

The mantra is as follows:



The total count is 19000 mantras in maximum of 21 days. The chanting is to be started on shukla paksha Thursday. There should not be any break in between the chanting. The chanting could be done in the morning as well as the evening.


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