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In the Western world, it is very common to wear gemstones according to the month of birth. According to the consensus arrived at a meeting Of the National Association of Jewelers held in 1912 in Kansas City, USA, the birth stones are as under:

Month of birth  Birth stone
January Garnet
February Amethyst..
March Blood stone
April Diamond..
May  Emerald..
June Pearl..
July Ruby..
August Sardonyx, Alternative Peridot
September  Sapphire
October  Opal, Alternative Tourmaline
November  Topaz
December  Turquoise, Alternative LapisLazuli

Reader can send there birth details and we can provide you all the information regarding

  • Which gems stone sill suit you

  • Weight of gemstone

  • Right Metal

  • Proper way to energize the gem 

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