Dear Kamal,

You built a wonderful site Kamal "Congratulations"!!!

It is packed with information and the databases work well it doesn't take a long time to process the information.

Manuella :-USA (Sacramento, CA)

Dear Kamal,

I find your e-mails  on few occasions in my mail while you were building it!! well 
I am very impressed with your site!! I am massage therapist as well as practice Reiki, polarity, and crystals to heal. I study past life therapies called ISIS technique...

Thank you for providing this invaluable site for all who can enjoy. Thanks again for your time and dedication...you can contact me  if like...Regards :)



The site looks very nice Kamal. You have done a very nice job. I look forward to exploring it in a more indepth manner in the upcoming weeks. 

Thank you for letting me know it is up and running.

Best wishes,

Tamin carlson

Hello Kamal,

Thank you so much. Utmost appreciated. I am aware of all you mentioned to me.


Hello Kamal,

I will practice these measures to the best of my ability.

Would there be any more specific measures for my case if I were to employ you as my Astrologer?
Thank you for your time.


Hello Kamal,

hi....thank you for the Feng Shui Tips. I will definitely recommend your 
website to my friends and family. 

This is a good way to generate traffic to your website and it's good karma 
what you are doing giving tips. 

As far as eating meat...I don't eat meat anymore. I am actually vegetarian 
because I don't like to eat anything that incured pain. 

Many thanks!


Dear Kamal,

dearest sir, thanks for the mantras and the feng shui tips. i will be putting them to practice soon. i feel a change taking place inside me and i am happy that you are ther to help me. sir, i have taken Narasimhan as my upasaka murthi and i recite Om Namo Narayana daily. please advice me which mantra will help me to attain siddhi. please advice me sir.

with regards,
from brother,


Dear Kamal,

Thank you Mr. Kapoor, I have enjoyed your Fengshui message very much.

Much luck and prosperity,

Michelle Madore

Dear Kamal,

I'm glad you're getting such a nice response on your site! The queries are cool, but maybe you can streamline them a bit. Ask for birth information once, and have people check appropriate boxes for things they want done---like horary, mantras, etc. It would be a lot easier for them and maybe more efficient for you.


Please do give your suggestions for making this site more useful to the community.
(Kamal Kapoor) your Astrologer