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Aquarius May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Saturn and Sun's transits will give the desired good results in Career/Business activities. This is going to be a medium/average month for marriage and love related matters. Try not to antagonize your lover. Students should rejoice as this is going to be a good month for them. Drive carefully this month as there could be chances of some minor accident.

Career, Incomes and Gains
Saturn's transit is favorable for you and in this period you could see lots of constructive changes. Sudden raise in specialized front shall lead to extensive rise in your career. You shall get all the comforts of life and enjoy the respect and reverence of the society .You shall gain tremendously and shall have comforts and earnings. You can foresee enhanced income. Some new source of income may also crop up , try to check the possibility of a new line of business if you are in a business field. Do not take things lightly. Sudden windfalls may also boost your financial position.
If, you're interested towards, share market, lottery or other such kinds of investments, you may reap benefits in this month. Financially it will seem a very auspicious month. Your all past cherished wishes may be fulfilled. Sun's transit is also favorable due to which you may acquire a new position at work place. You will have influx of wealth and your enemies will be subdued.

Love, Family and Social Life
This is going to be an average/medium month for love/marriage related matters. Moon's transit is not favorable for personal relations. Hence, there would be some marital troubles. Therefore, in personal life, there could be trouble because of paucity of resources and subsequent disturbances originating from this root cause. It is however a good time for those looking forward to getting married. Your spouse and parents health will be an area of concern. If you are having a romantic liaison, then your dearer than heart can turn to be very whimsical and hurt your feelings.

Education and Traveling
This is a fine month in respect of higher study and preparing for competitive exams etc. Transiting planets would be producing outstanding outcomes. Therefore, Aquarius born may perform beyond than expectations and results would be extraordinary. Your little bit hard work may put you on a big way of success. During this month you need to worship of goddess SARASWATI. Short as well as long term traveling will give desired good results.

Medium state of affairs will be witnessed for health during this month. Due to transitory effects of planets you may be suffering due to a few injuries. Hence, drive carefully.

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