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Aries May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Transit of Venus is good for your career whether you are in job or in business. Recovery from debtors is on cards. Superiors will be favorably disposed towards you. Good month for family and social life. In general things will be looking up for you in this sphere. Your health will be sluggish along with your spouse, but health of children will be better. Good month for traveling whether for official or personal reasons. Students will be faring much better in this month.

Career, Incomes and Gains
Venus is transiting over 12th from your moon sign. This transit is favorable and you will have ample opportunities to earn. If in business you may find opportunities to grow in your business. You may get orders to execute and your recovery from debtors will be much better, even though saturn's transit is not favorable but this transit will help you to get over the negative effects of saturn's transit.
If in job you may find atmosphere at work place is much conducive and favorable for you. Superiors will look favorably to you and if there is any talk of promotion or enhancement in responsibilities , then you may find that lady luck is finally smiling on you.
Ketu transit is also favorable for you and you may find that some of your old ambitions will be realized. You may get opportunity to go abroad if you are wishing for the same. Partnerships or collaborations will give good results.

Love, Family and Social Life
You will indulge in all sorts of enjoyments with family and loved ones this month. You may spend on luxurious items and things for your betterment. You are also likely to visit places of interests. Your relationship with members of both sex will be on upswing. Your children and spouse will be in good spirits and in general you will be enjoying your quality time with them. Your social standing in your friends circle will be increasing and in general you will be toast of social circle.
Traveling whether for official or personal reasons will be satisfying and profitable. Good month for lovers and people who are thinking to get serious in their love relationships or fixing their marriage.

Education and Traveling
Good Month for students and more particularly the students who are in medicine or IT field , they may find this month is better than usual for them. Good time to give competitive examinations. Also students who are trying to get admission in foreign universities , may find that luck is finally smiling on them and their admission could be around the corner. Good time for traveling plans both for official as well as personal reasons. Traveling to foreign country(ies) related to educational pursuits will be fruitful.

Rahu's transit is not good for health. Your health may be little sluggish, but there is nothing to worry of as the health will be manageable with eating right and with right amount of physical exercises/activity. Health of spouse also may not be up to the mark , but health of children will be satisfying. Health of one of your parents will be cause for worry so if any one is sick then you need to be careful about the health of your parents. Jupiter transit is also not favorable for health and you will be susceptible to fall sick and as such it is very important to take good care of your health.

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