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Cancer May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

You are advised to keep harmonious relations with your bosses. First half of the month is tough for career as well as health so keep a strict control and watch on your actions. Second half of the month will give good results over all. Health will be sluggish , but kids health will be good. Elderly parents need to be careful. Over all it's a good month for students and educational pursuits.

Career, Incomes and Gains
In this month , you are advised to keep harmonious relations with seniors/authorities. In fact, there would be some possibilities of some misunderstandings between you and your superiors. Till the first half of the month you are advised to keep low and concentrate on your work. However, there would be lots of positive changes after first half of the month. Moreover, transiting Saturn is positive for you. So if you are expecting upheaval in your career/job etc then chances of sudden and unexpected windfalls are also possible. If, you are interested in Meditation and YOGA, it is a perfect period for this kind of activities. Jupiter transit is adverse but Saturn's transit will more than enough cover for the lesser results of Jupiter for you.

Love, Family and Social Life
First phase of the month would be creating troubles. Those who are married may have avoidable or minor disputes with their life partners. Control your unlimited desires; it is not better to live in memories. You should not have many expectations with your spouse otherwise it may be cause of separation or unlatching nature and attitude. Family atmosphere will be full of all tensions and distress. You may also have different kind of thinking than your friends. Later, around second phase of the month will be much better till the end of month, there would be happiness and prosperity. Difficult time for lovers also during first phase of the month.

Education and Traveling
This is going to be a good month for students. This is a good month for study and competitive exams. Now you may get right reward of your hard work and diligence. You may achieve your goal with little bit of hard working and concentration. This is also an auspicious month for interviews and joining of new job. Good month for traveling as the traveling will give the desired results.

Health will be up and down in this month but over all it will be stable, but you can expect some minor issues which wont be serious. Health of spouse will be better and so for your kids. Elderly parents need to be watched carefully as little carelessness on their part could trouble their health. Throat related issues could crop up for your parents.

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