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Gemini Monthly Horoscope Gemini Monthly Horoscope

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Gemini May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Saturn's transit is not favorable and some of you may have to leave your job but new job will be available quickly. Sun's transit is favorable and will give you secure and responsible position at work place. Relations with spouse and kids will be happy and joyful. Lovers and people in relationship will enjoy strengthening of their relations. Good time for management/marketing students. Good period for competitive exams. Your and your spouse health will be sluggish.

Career, Incomes and Gains
Saturn's transit is over the 7th from your moon sign. This transit is not favorable. If you are in a job then there may be pressure on you to leave the job ( good thing is even after leaving the job you will find a new one quickly at some other place). For business people it's a good time to enter in to new partnership/collaborations etc. Sun's transit is over 11th from your Moon sign and this transit is favorable. You may secure a more responsible position in your organization in a new setup if you are planning to leave your job. Your earnings will receive a boost. Moon's transit is also favorable for career related matters. Your dealings with public if you are in a public dealing work will be much better than usual.

Love, Family and Social Life
The moon's transit is favorable and you will enjoy family and social relations. You will have enjoyable time this month. You will relish good food and company of good people. Relatives and friends will give you much happiness. Your home life will be pleasing and joyful. Relations with spouse will be much better and kids will give you good news and happiness. People in relationships and love will enjoy good time and strengthening of their relationship.

Education and Traveling
Transit results are going to be favorable for the students as they were in earlier month. Marketing/accounting students will do well as compared to technical stream students this month. Good time to prepare for competitive examinations. If students will prepare with concentration and single minded approach then they will have most favorable results . Students preparing for College and higher classes or higher degrees will get favorable results and communication from their respective universities and colleges. Favorable period for preparing for foreign university examinations. Long and short duration traveling both will give favorable results whether for business/official/personal reasons.

Saturn's transit is not good for your health or your spouse's health. Both of your health may remain sluggish in this month. You are advised to take balanced diet and focus on exercise/walking etc. It wont be a bad idea to take a membership of some good gymnasium. Health of your kids will be satisfactory while health of elderly parents may give some anxious moments in this month.

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