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Gemini November 2016 Monthly Horoscope

Keeping your hopes and expectations alive is a necessity to stay alive in the chase for your dreams. Looking at the small and insignificant successes with solitude and then getting into a state of complacent would harm you. Make sure that you are always maintaining the tempo and also be present there in the upfront irrespective of what odds you have to overcome or which person you have to surpass. Financially not an encouraging month while rest of the sectors would stay neutral.

Career, Incomes and Gains
Saturn is transiting through the 6th house which is supportive. The transit of Jupiter through the 4thhouse is going to provide mixed results. The transits of Rahu and Ketu are good as the axis is falling in 3rd and 9th houses respectively.Mars through the 8th house, Venus through the 6thand 7thhouses and Mercury through the 5thand 6thhouses are going to provide mixed results for you with more of negative effects. A kind of up-down situation is prevailing in your career since last one year, or so meanwhile it never took an ugly turn till date. But in this month things may really get out of your control wherein you would be forced to take an unlikely decision and face unexpected situations. There would be a change in a job taking place which would befall upon you due to the insurmountable situations you are subject to in the current place. But in the new place you will feel things much better and helpful though you will not be able to conclude so with certainty. You may try your best to get back to your positive rhythm which you possessed a year ago in which you had control over your subordinates and also there was ample amount of freedom, but slowly you will start realizing that the scenario in the new place also is not that good as you thought. As the days advances you will start having a feeling like you are lacking results in your attempts to overcome the adverse situation in the profession. All these will lead you to stay aloof and may skip your scrutiny towards the chances to bring a change into your current professional scenario. As the planetary influences are indicating that these situations are about to have a positive turn shortly you need not look very deep into these. Financially the situation is getting more adverse as the in flow of funds from the expected sources are facing undue delay.

Love, Family and Social Life
In this month your spouse would become the source of worry as you may notice that your spouse has unusual engagement with someone from the opposite sex which though will look fishy initially would have nothing solid to finger at. As you are not sure of the exact mode and depth of this relationship, you might opt to stay silent about it in the initial days, but towards the end of the month, you would erupt your anger and dissatisfaction. Keeping your cool and reducing the discussions into minimal words would be better. Things might take an intense state than you expect if you donít take this issue calmly.

Education and Traveling
By providing your hard work and perseverance efforts towards studies, in this month you would overcome the laziness and lack of interest you must have been subject to since last few month or so. Travel plans need to wait for a bit longer and to put in efforts wonít be helpful.

Health wise you need to be a bit careful as you are bound to have a minor injury due an accident or falling. Though nothing major is indicated, you might get affected due to it as the injury may occur in the hip region.

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