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Leo May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Sun's transit is not so favorable but Moon and Jupiter's transits are favorable and their good results will take you to your desired destination. Your cherished wishes will be fulfilled. You will have good understanding with your bosses. No major troubles in personal or social standing is indicated. Favorable transits will take care of your personal life. Highly favorable month for students for their educational pursuits. Good month for traveling also. Health will be better as compared to earlier periods.

Career, Incomes and Gains
Lagna Lord Sun is crossing over 9th from your moon sign. This transit is not favorable and you may meet with disappointments from people who are close to you in your business/work place. Thankfully Jupiter's transit is in favor due to which adverse effects will be much diluted. Especially, transiting Moon and Jupiter would be giving very auspicious outcomes. Moreover, Jupiter and Moon both are going to fulfill cherished wishes. Overall, it would be an encouraging month for Leo born natives. There is no doubt you will have a wonderful understanding with your superiors and associates. If, you are in business, definitely, you will get new deals and contracts. For all who are in business or service, money will come from all directions. You may get expected results. Success will be yours in whatever, you will undertake. You will be very devoted and involved in your job and your ability will be very much noticed and rewarded. You will also have full authority and responsibility and you will be liked and people will follow you.

Love, Family and Social Life
Due to favorable transit of Jupiter and Moon, there is no major trouble seen in relation of marriage and personal relationships. You should try to maintain cordial relationship in between you and your partner. Married life shall be a source of Joy and domestic happiness is indicated for you shall receive love and respect from the people you care about. Social gathering shall be a source of enjoyment. You shall have the support of the people around you. Though Saturn transit is adverse so you may experience some bickering but eventually every thing will be resolved at your end.

Education and Traveling
Obviously, this is a highly fortunate period for students. It is the right time when you may prepare yourself for future. There are very strong chances you may get desired success. Therefore, you should try to make best use of this month. Due to transit of Jupiter and Moon there would be good possibilities of foreign traveling. Students from Technical stream will do well as compared to other streams. Over all a good month for educational pursuits and competitions. Traveling will prove to be fruitful for students as well as people in profession/business.

Health would be much better than previous month. However, you should not be lazy or careless about your health. you are advised to take timely medicines and proper diet. Jupiter's transit will more than enough take care of your health and related matters.

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