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Libra May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Saturn's and Rahu's combined transits will be favorable for people in business as well as job. Your courage and strength will be on upswing. Change in job or branching out in business is possible. Friends will help in career. Venus transit is not helpful for married couple and same goes for people who are in relationships. Mercury's transit is not helpful for students and they will find the month rather tough. Difficulties in getting good marks in GMAT etc will be observed and experienced. Transit of planets is not favorable for health issues also this month.

Career, Incomes and Gains
Saturn's transit is crossing over 3rd from your moon sign. This is a highly favorable transit for you. The negative feelings of despair will disappear and you will have a new dawn of future this month. Your courage and strength will be on the up and you will be quite determined to do well in your career. Whether you are in business or in service things will start looking up for you. Change in job /business line/ branching out is possible in this period. Your erstwhile friends who were not giving you much of a thought would suddenly appear from no where and will give assurance to help you in your career. Rahu's transit is also favorable this month. Your aspirations will be fulfilled and your long hidden ambitions will be fulfilled. You may get the opportunity to travel out of India if you are in a business related to import and export and this journey will bring you good results which you were never expecting. Partnerships and collaborations will give the positive results.

Love, Family and Social Life
Venus in transit is crossing over 6th from your moon sign. This is a adverse transit of venus and you should remain very careful and cautious in your married and love life. You need to watch every step and action of yours or your relations will be disturbed in this period. Try not to go impulsive and have a control on your tongue. Your relatives may become your enemies in your personal life. People in relationships and love should be extra cautious as any misunderstanding could result in to a possible break up.

Education and Traveling
Mercury is transiting over 7th from your moon sign. This transit is not favorable for students as mercury is significator of intelligence and related subjects things are going to be little dull in this period. Students preparing for competitive examinations may find the going a bit tough and their concentration level will be wavy in this period. Students appearing and trying for competitive exams like GMAT TOEFEL etc could find their marks not up to the mark for getting admission in foreign universities. Traveling for business related reasons could be fruitful.

Transiting planetary influences will result in sluggish health and the same will spoil your peace of mind. However, there is no dangerous disease is indicated by planets. Health of parents would be cause for concern, while health of spouse will be sluggish also.

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