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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

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Sagittarius May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Favorable transits of Venus, Moon and Mars will give you good gains in this period. Your popularity will increase and you will get support from colleagues. Pending dispute will go in your favour. Domestic life will be blissful for married as well love couples. Good period for students and getting admission abroad for higher education. Traveling is also favorable. Health of you , spouse and family members will be stable and robust.

Career, Incomes and Gains
The transits Venus, Moon and Mars are favorable for you. You will be lucky in many respects. You will have good gains from more than one source. Your judgment will be spot on in your career and other matters. If you are looking for a collaboration/partnership etc , then this period is going to be auspicious and beneficial for the same. At workplace your popularity will increase and you will receive unconditional support from your colleagues and associates. You will win any old and pending dispute and it will go in your favor. Your enemies will be vanquished and will give you much respite from the tensions. Saturn's transit will give adverse effects but with the help of so many favorable transits , the adverse effect of Saturn will be diluted with the other gains.

Love, Family and Social Life
Venus and Moon's favorable transits means your domestic life will be blissful and happy. You may have an auspicious celebration or get together in your family, and your house would reververate with joyous and resounding laughter. Your spouse will be a source of inspiration, encouragement and pleasure to you. In general your married life will be satisfying and blissful in this period. People in love or in relationship will also experience joy and happiness all around.

Education and Traveling
Favorable transitory effects will help the students and their educational pursuits. During this month, education abroad would be possible , if students are trying for the same. Hence if you are thinking of applying for a Visa etc then it's a good month for the same. Over all , during this month lot of positive improvements and success regarding educational matters is indicated.

Favorable transits will ensure your health and your spouse is under control. Kids and your parents health will be satisfactory and stable all around. Try to avoid late nights and fast food and concentrate on your exercise regularly to get the benefits of your sound health.

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