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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

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Scorpio May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Sun and Jupiter transits will give best results to you in this period. You may acquire a new position or get improvement in the existing one. Mercury transit is also favorable and it will win you old disputes which were pending. Saturn's adverse transit may delay things a bit but over all result should be positive for you in this period. Transits are favorable for married couples and lovers and people in relationships. Students will do well in this period. Health will be up and down in this month so need to be careful about health and exercise and as to what you eat.

Career, Incomes and Gains
Sun transit is crossing over the 6th from your moon sign. This is a favorable transit. You may acquire a new position in your organization or secure improvement in the existing one. You will be successful in your endeavors and have influx of wealth. Your enemies will be vanquished and you will feel happy. Similarly Mercury's transit is highly favorable for you . You will win in disputes which were long pending . You will receive favors from your superiors and will have ample opportunities in your career. If your profession/business has any connection with agriculture, medicine or Human Resource Development , then you will have good progress with minimum efforts.
Jupiter's transit is favorable for you and it will bring joy and happiness for you and your family. The gloomy clouds of despair will fade away and you will regain your optimism and hard working capacity. Your earning will get the desired boost.
Saturn's transit will be adverse for you , which may result in delays in promotion and some hindrances in the business proposals and projects. Avoid any sort of risky investments and speculative activities unless you wish to undergo severe losses.

Love, Family and Social Life
Venus will be transiting over 5th house from your moon sign. Overall, planetary transit is favorable in relation of marriage and personal life related matters. You may have very loving and deep feelings for your lover/beloved. Probably, now you may also convert your love into marriage. There are very high chances, if, you're unmarried but in love with someone, you may get married. People who are already married will enjoy each and every comforts and happiness along with their life partners. You will find your married life is going through very pleasant mode.

Education and Traveling
There is no trouble seen in relation of educational pursuits and related matters. Students would be doing beyond expectations. Education wise it would be a fabulous month. Those are preparing for higher education; entrance test would be quite successful. Personality development is also indicated by transiting planets. Chances of long distances journeys are very high. Probably, these journeys would be in relation of profession and education.

Transiting influences are up and down for you in this period. Avoid rash driving or heavy drinking ( if you are a drinker). Also you need to watch your eating habits in this period as there are indications of your diabetes and blood pressure going up ( in case of people who are already suffering from the same), for others it's a time to be aware of what they eat and resort to moderate exercise to maintain their health.

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