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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

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Scorpio November 2016 Monthly Horoscope

Sometimes we may have to keep the fight against our foes without compromises while sometimes we may have to forgive them unconditionally. But sometimes choosing among these two will be a hard nut to crack leaving us tensed and worried and the outcome will be inaction in every aspect which is the most adverse one would do in life. This month would tempt you to go in to such a stage and you willto really keep your nerves in tendem to be in the show. Professionally this would be so-so month though in the prima facie things would seem to be adverse but slowly you will overcome all those.

Career, Incomes and Gains
Saturn is transiting through the 1sthouse which is bad since it is causing Sade-sathi. The transit of Jupiter through the 11thhouse is going to produce good results. The transits of Rahu and Ketu are adverse as the axis is falling in 10thand 4th houses respectively.Mars through the 3rdhouse, Venus through the 1st and 2ndhouses and Mercury through the 11thand 12thhousesrespectively are going to be mixedthus overall this month is going to be a mixed one for you. As the situation in the professional front is showing a so-so situation you would be in a bit of confusion. You will be thinking whether it is time to put up a fight against the one who is giving pinpricks to you at the work place or do you have to keep bearing it for some more time. The consistency you have in showing patience in adverse situations and also in keeping your enthusiasm high even when you are lacking vision about future is your forte and would have come in handy for you in many occassions. But being subjects to theseunending enemy kind of activities from a couple of people at the work place would kill your patience andyou might desiring for change in your attitude towards them but it will be a bit tough for you to shift modes. Overall a kind of weakness will start growing inside of your mind. Anyway being patient towards these issues for a few more months will be the best option. The tensions caused by your superiors and also the denial of deserved promotion will frustrate you throughout this month. Moreover some of the important responsibilities you were enjoying till date will be taken away from you. Financially this would be an average month without much significance but considering the adverse trends in your profession, financially the troubles would be much lesser. Anyway much surveillance over your expenditure is a must otherwise the situation may get more harder. Unexpected flow of money easing out the pressure in the financial front could be expected towards the fag end of the month.

Love, Family and Social Life
Due to these adverse planetary influences your family life will be going through a few ups and downs in this month though things will be kept well under control. If you could make sure that you you are keeping your cool on the issues created by your spouse or other family memebersthen you will be able to tackle it well. Social life would be average and better keep it as a lower importance throughout the month.

Education and Traveling
Education wise this month would cause mixed results as there will be progress in studies and academic career but not exactly in the way you are aspiring for. Those who are trying to go abroad inconnection to their profession will find failures and it would be advisable to keep your plans postponed for some time.

In this month you are advised to be careful from having an injury on your neck or shoulder region as if it takes place in this month then it may prolong to get cured.

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