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Taurus May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Jupiter and Venus transit are favorable and give best results in job as well as business. Your status will move up in social circles. New job is in offering. If expecting promotion then this month is favorable. Transit is also favorable for married people and the same goes for the people who are in job. Good month for students and their educational activities. Proper time for traveling abroad for education as well as business reasons. Your parents health along with your health will be low this month .

Career, Incomes and Gains
Jupiter is transiting over 5th from your moon sign. This transit is favorable for you. Your social and business circle will move up. You will get in touch with higher status people and could get help in your profession/career due to that. If you are looking for a new job then this period could give you the desired new job which you were looking for a long time. If expecting promotion or enhancement in job level, then this month could give you the good news.
Venus is transiting over 11th from your moon sign. This transit is also favorable for you. New horizons will open for you and you could discover fertile and paying fields in your career. Your job environment will be beneficial for your progress. You will get recognition for your merits and talents. Increase in income is also expected.
Saturn's transit is still adverse for you until 21st of June this year when it will move back in to Scorpio and become retrograde, but till then you should expect bumpy road for you. Avoid speculation or risky deals.

Love, Family and Social Life
Both Jupiter and Venus are favorable for you this month and family and social life will be full of joy and happiness. Married couple will experience the marital bliss and perfect harmony in their married life. Lovers will experience bliss and increase in their bonding of Love. Pregnant women should expect smooth child birth and delivery. Planning for marriage for unmarried people is expected.

Education and Traveling
Jupiter's transit is going to be helpful for students and in their educational pursuits. Expect good grades/marks in competitive examination. Admission to desired school/universities is on the cards. Especially students preparing for admission in foreign universities can expect good results and good news from abroad. Short duration traveling will be much beneficial.

Sun and Mar's transit is not favorable for your health and related issues. Health of spouse and parents will be sluggish , but kids will be much better this month. Avoid fried food and late nights. Proper sleep and ample exercise will keep the doctors away.

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