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Virgo May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Mercury your Lord's transit is favorable and you will have a month of success and support of superiors in your career. Business and job both will give good results. Interviews will give success and competitive exams will be favorable. Saturn's transit is not favorable so you can expect mixed results. There will be positive improvements in personal life. Moderate period for students and educational pursuits so hard work is needed for success. Avoid short term journeys if possible. It will be a improved month for health as compared to earlier month for you and your family.

Career, Incomes and Gains
Mercury your Lord is crossing over the 8th from your sign. This transit is favorable for you and you will have things turning to your advantage. Investment will give good results. This month is auspicious for success, confidence, savings and gains related matters. During this month, you will get well support of your superiors and associates. However, minor disputes are possible due to Saturn's effect. You will have a tremendous confidence to carry your pursuits. It, will be a good month for business, career and finance related matters. Your reputation and fame definitely increased. If, you are looking for someone, your search would be ended. If you are thinking about interviews, investment, and competitive exam and joining about new Job, you may get success according to your satisfaction. On the other hand you are under the influence of Kantak Shani as Saturn is crossing over 4th from your moon sign. This transit will be not favorable and you may experience delays in projects. If working some where you may find some strained relations with your boss. Avoid taking any impulsive or hasty decision as the same could back fire on you, but as mentioned Mercury transit is good and similarly Moon's transit is also favorable and both favorable transits will dilute effect of Saturn's transit.

Love, Family and Social Life
The positive moon's transit will ensure that in this month there will be positive improvements in your personal life. You will have various chances, when you will find very close to your love partner. Both of you may like to share inner feelings too. You may woo your ladylove with roses or romantic candle light dinner. You will enjoy a happy and contended love life. If, you're your love partner so far, you may get. Overall, you're fully capable to lead your married life towards positive direction. You will enjoy a big amount of success and reputation

Education and Traveling
This is moderate period for education related matters. Pre-planning and hard work is needed. Results may not be as per your expectations or satisfaction. It might be a typical month for students. A difficult time to concentrate, can experience strained relations with teachers, friends or brothers and sisters, there will be hindrances in education such as health or other problems. Try to avoid short distance journeys. However, long-distance journeys might bring happiness and prosperity Due to transiting of certain planets; you may have chances of foreign traveling.

It will be a better month for health , barring some minor niggles over all month is going to be satisfactory for your health. Parents health will be improving as compared to earlier month. Kids health will be better also as compared to earlier month.

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