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Free Virgo Weekly Horoscope by Kamal Kapoor

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

(Monday, December 10, 2018 to Sunday, December 16, 2018)

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Virgo Weekly Horoscope:
You will be more spiritual in your approach to see fruitful results for the week. Adjusting attitude is essential for the week. You have to avoid taking major decisions. You may not get satisfaction out of the work you are carrying out. To have progress in work - you have to plan a lot. Try to work on negative things and work towards positive results. You may face money loss for the week. There will be more expenses for your children. You will find it difficult to have prosperity in money. There will be chances for you to lose money. You have to adjustable with your partner. This is required for you to maintain more satisfactory relationship for the week. You will be emotional and this will be reflected in your approach towards your partner. Due to this, there will be unnecessary disputes. You will have chances for skin irritations for the week. So you have to avoid taking oily items. You will have pain in throat due to infections.  

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