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Free Leo Weekly Horoscope by Kamal Kapoor

Leo Weekly Horoscope

(Monday, August 13, 2018 to Sunday, August 19, 2018)

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Leo Weekly Horoscope:
The week will bring transforms, you will have the fearlessness to manage circumstances and in this manner make it positive. Your level of certainty could be minimal low; it will be beneficial for you to keep up the positive attitude. Involvement in spiritual practices will be helpful for you. Abstain from taking major decisions; good results can be accomplished with sincerity. You may travel out related to your job and this will keep you occupied. You ought to be watchful while taking care of your work. Cash prospects will give mixed outcomes for the week. There will be a greater amount of spending as opposed to cash gains. There will be great relationship in the family. Watch your correspondence, be that as it may, to keep away from heated exchanges with your nearby friends and relatives. Money flow won't be good for the week; because of carelessness, you may lose cash for the week. There will be the absence of satisfaction in the family. Ego problems may influence the relationship. Health issue of your close partner may give you stresses. You may need to bring about some medical expenses for the same. You may feel distressed because of a lot of pressure.  

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