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Free Leo Weekly Horoscope by Kamal Kapoor

Leo Weekly Horoscope

(Monday, September 25, 2017 to Sunday, October 1, 2017)

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Leo Weekly Horoscope:
Achieving progress will be conceivable by hard efforts. Planning is essential for the week. You may take some valuable options that will serve your need. You will be in a position to see favorable outcomes. It could be a hectic week with all the more difficult undertakings that will hold you under anxiety. So you may be quiet in taking care of your work. You will discover ideal outcomes in your career. There will be a lot of chances for you to demonstrate your ability in work. Monetary progress will not be so good for the week. You may need to keep yourself more attentive while handling money. Investing in shares will give you profits; speculation will also give you results. Adjustments are needed in the family as there are possibilities for disputes. You will find love and harmony in the relationship. Growth and development of your children will provide you pleasure. Health will be average; you may be prone to a headache and some uneasiness. Do some chanting will be very good for you. You will be able to maintain good fitness which will make you happy.  

|| Previous week Predictions ||

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