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Aquarius 2017 Horoscope

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2017 Aquarius horoscope : For the Aquarians, the year ahead is going to be mixed one. The year will start with many struggles in various sectors of life. The professional life will go through many hurdles and hiccups in the initial half of the year. The adverse trend will put you in a tough and insurmountable situation in the profession. Financially too the initial half of the year would give you many tense situations. But towards the end of the year you will start regaining control over your profession and finances. Rest of the sectors of life will stay afloat especially in the later half of the year.

2017 Aquarius Career Horoscope, Incomes and Gains
The transit of Saturn is through the 10thhouse from your Rashi in the beginning of the year but will move into the 11thhouse by the end of January and will move back to the 10thhouse by 3rd week of June and again will move in to the 11thhouse by the end of October 2017 and will stay there for rest of the year. When Saturn moves into the 11thhouse, it's a good transit for you. There will be an increase in income, relief from most of the issues on the professional front and also an enjoyable period in life. But when Saturn stays in the 10th house the situation won't be smooth, there will be many obstructions in your life. Meanwhile, Jupiter is transiting through the sign Virgo through the 8thhouse till the middle of Sept 2017 then he will move into the 9thhouse from your sign. The transit of Jupiter through the 8th house will be bad for you while that of through the 9thhouse is going to be much relieving.

This year is going to provide you an influx of both positive and negative turns. The year will begin with various hurdles in the career front. You might have a list of things planned for the year ahead. But when you start implementing the plans you might face with reversals in the professional front which will keep you frustrated very much. You must have planned for a change in the job by the second quarter of the year and also would have anticipated an opening from a source which you must have felt reliable. But that will be denied against your wishes and plans which will be the foremost setback you might face in this year. You may desperately look for an alternate once the anticipated offer slips away but you won't be able to secure any success in achieving the same and that may make you feel very much low. Meanwhile, the support you had from your colleagues and superiors from the past will be getting thinner day by day which will lead to further frustrations in a career. You might start regaining control over these adversities by the end of the year through a job change which would bring a sigh of relief for you towards the end of the year.

This year will be a tough one as far as your finances are concerned. You will have a checkered flow money until the 3rd quarter of the year. The denial of expected increase in income along with obstructed flow of money will keep you agitated up till Sept of 2017. You might face an unexpected lose by the middle of the year. Struggling with an insufficient income along with an unexpected lose while having many commitments to be met, altogether it will lead you to a great stress in the financial front. Towards the end of the year when your income increases along with a few unexpected help hands would enable you to regain the balance in the financial front. These financial positivities will help you to overcome the professional difficulties you might face towards the end of last year.

Rahu and Ketu are going to transit through your 7th and 1sthouses respectively which is supposed to make mixed results while the Rahu-Ketu transit will end by Aug 2017 and then will move to the 6th and 12th houses respectively. The transit of Rahu-Ketu through 12th and 6th houses is about to cause more of beneficial results especially with respect to personal and family life. Meanwhile, the transit of Rahu-Ketu through the 7th and 1sthouses would be much adverse for you as this transit would tensions in the family, personal and social front.

2017 Aquarius Love Horoscope, Family and Social Life
A much adverse year as far family and personal life. There will be constant issues between you and your spouse and also many of the family members would have conflicts with you on various fronts. In the personal front also irrespective of any specific front where you go you might tend have conflicts with people especially in the first half of the year thus you need to be careful on the same. Social life too will be in shambles. Most of your actions would be misjudged and may liable for ill fame thus it would be wise to keep a low profile in your social life especially till Aug of 2017.

2017 Aquarius Education Horoscope and Travelling
Students of the sign will have a so-so year as they will find success though they may have to put in all the extra effort they could. The results obtained will never be u to your satisfaction. You might face reversals in the competitive exams. The year will be paving the way for abroad chances for those who wish for the same, but that would only take place after the intense efforts brought forward especially in the first half of the year which may yield results towards the end of the year.

2017 Aquarius Health Horoscope
Health wise this year will be somewhat good. The initial part of the year will be causing a bit imbalance in your health front as there will be many issues looming up against your expectation. Increased blood pressure and diabetics, the issues related to your blood system would be the cause for concern. Anyhow towards the last quarter of the year, things will start coming under your control.