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Cancer 2017 Horoscope

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2017 Cancer Horoscope: For Cancer borns, the year will be a bit tough one. The professional, financial and even domestic fronts are going to move through a rough patch in this year. The transit of all major planets Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu-Ketu are going to be adverse for you which would be the major reason behind these showering of adversity. A changing job in the unpleasant situation, rigidity in financial front are to be expected. Family wise an uncontrollable and tough deal situation may arise. Health wise things may stay afloat.

2017 Cancer Career Horoscope, Incomes and Gains
The transit of Saturn is through the 5th house from your Rashi in the beginning of the year but will move in to the 6th house by the end of January and will move back to the 5th house by 3rd week of June and again will move in to the 6th house by the end of October 2017 and will stay there for rest of the year. Throughout these transits he might cause adversities. The transit of Saturn through the 5th house is not supportive as it would cause many mental worries, especially through your family. Meanwhile, in the 6th Saturn is supposed to cause beneficial results but he may not shower his positive results in this year as whenever he moves into the 6th house from your natal Rashi he is either in the edge of the sign or would be in retrograde transit. Meanwhile, Jupiter is transitting through the sign Virgo the 3rdtill the middle of Sept 2017 then he will move in to the 4th house from your sign. The transit of Jupiter through the 4th house will be bad for you while that of 3rdhouse will be capable of producing mixed results.

Professionally this is an adverse year for you.The more you advance in to the year more the situation will be getting worsened. Initially the year will be so-so as you must be managing things at your end somewhat well. But the more you advance in to the year the situation will be getting sour. All your hard work will be going unnoticed and there won't any appreciation or benefits for the same. This would keep you under much stress and you would start losing all the interest in carrying with the current job. Your relationship with one and all in the work place will be under check and that will add intensity to the situation. Anyway you might be expecting a promotion or kind of elevation in your job which you deserve. But the expected elevation won't be provided to you which will disappoint you to a great extend and ultimately this would land you in taking up a decision to leave the current job. You would leave the current job by July-Aug of 2017 and may even stay jobless for a couple of months. Then after by Oct-Nov when you enter in to a new job you may not be able to find satisfaction there too.

You must be subject to various financial issues in your life since 1 year or so. The situation will be getting intensified day by day. The denial of expected promotion and increase in income in the current job would have it's toll by the middle of the year. The sudden decision to leave the current job and the possible 2 months period wherein you might stay jobless would add insult in to your financial front. Though there would be helping hands and sufficient support from your well wishers, you would still be under much tensions.

Rahu and Ketu are going to transit through your 2ndand 8th houses respectively which is supposed to make mixed results while the Rahu-Ketu transit will end by Aug 2017 and then will move to the 1stand 7th houses respectively. The transit of Rahu-Ketu through 2ndand 8th houses is already causing pinpricks in your family and personal life and once the axis turns in to the 1st and 7th houses the situation will be getting more complex. Anyway the transit of Rahu-Ketu into the 1st and 7th houses would ease out pressure in the financial front a bit.

2017 Cancer Love Horoscope, Family and Social Life
The transit of Rahu-Ketu through the 2nd 8th houses are already causing much turmoils in your family front. Once they move into the 1st and 7th house the situation will get more worse as you would start having new issues with your spouse. There will be much misunderstanding and heated verbal exchanges between you two. Some of your family members too will show enmity towards you all of a sudden. Relationship with someone from the opposite sex would become the source of issues with a spouse. Social life will stay regular without any significance.

2017 Cancer Education Horoscope and Travelling
For the students born under this sign the initial part of the year may be a bit supportive but towards the end of the year, there might be many hurdles in your path. Concentration in studies will be afflicted to a large extend. Success in general studies is indicated till the middle of the year but may not be good enough for having success in the competitive exams. Travel plans too will be subject many reversals. There will be many short journeys taking place in the initial half of the year though most them would be held against your wish. Meanwhile, all the efforts made to have a foreign journey might go fruitless.

2017 Cancer Health Horoscope
This year may stay afloat as far as your health is a concern. The possibility for development of diseases related to digestive system is foreseen and what is more important is the possibility of it getting sustained than usual period. The end of the year may see you are coming under attack of diseases related to breathing organs. There is no threat to your life though you may subject to attacks on the health front.

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