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Capricorn 2017 Horoscope

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This year will bring in many unexpected turns in all the sectors of your life. Professional life is awaiting huge changes in your profession towards the end of the year. Finances will be moderate since the unstable situations occurring around. Family and personal life will be good throughout the year.

Career, Incomes and Gains
This year Jupiter will play many tricks for you since he is going to transit through the 3rd house till 2017 May and then he will be moving to the 4th house. The transit of Saturn through the 9th house will only increase the intensity of Jupiterís transit effects. You would take big and risky steps. Use your vital experience and intelligence when you are going to take new and important decisions. You will have a huge change in profession towards the end of the year. The change may happen to you unexpected and may cause uneasiness for you. it may leave an impression upon you like you are having an adverse period but in fact these changes will benefit for you in huge way in the future. However, those who are in business would be profitable. You might enter into new deals. Enmity increases from the native's associates. Overall, it would be an eventful year for those people who are born under the Capricorn sign. But you have the Godís grace throughout the year so nothing will go out of your control.

Saturnís transit through the 9th house and his movement to the 10th house towards the end of the year will only intensify the tendencies of profession to have changes. Those who are in business may make investments wisely since whatever investments you may make in this year will give you fruits only after some time.

The Rahu Ketu axis will move from 12th and 6th houses to 11th and 5th houses causing advantage to you. You might gain much control over finances because of this transit. Those who are in to speculation will be more befitted after this transit in May 2017.

Love, Family and Social Life
The transits of Jupiter through the 3rd and 4th houses and Saturn through the 9th house are all going to provide mixed results for you in family and personal life. These transits may cause you to have unnecessary disputes and hot arguments. Tensions through children are highly possible. Harmony will be there in married life but you will have to be putting much effort for your life partner satisfied. Sudden health problems to your father will also disturb your mind.

Education and Traveling
In this year the planetary influences will help you to have short journeys and prove beneficial. But the longer journeys like movement to an abroad country are going to prolong throughout the year.

Since the transit of both Saturn and Jupiter are bad for students from this sign, even by putting your sincere efforts, you might get only a little success and results would not be encouraging. In fact, your hard work might provide outcomes but may not to your satisfaction.

This year you might suffer due to chronic diseases. Especially, diabetes, sugar and backbone related diseases would be producing hurdles. The second half of the year may bother you much about your health condition.


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