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Libra 2017 Horoscope

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2017 Libra Horoscope : The year is going to be a relieving one for all born under the sign Libra. The year will start with a tipsy-torvy journey which may keep you agitated until the middle of the year. But from Aug of 2017 onwards, the things will have upside down swing wherein most of your issues will get start resolving. Professionally this is not a great year while financially from the middle of the year situation will be getting changed and will be relieving a lot. Family and personal life will be sailing through an average level of comforts while health will be almost fine throughout the year.

2017 Libra Career Horoscope, Incomes and Gains
The transit of Saturn is through the 2ndhouse from your Rashi in the beginning of the year but will move in to the 3rdhouse by the end of January and will move back to the 2ndhouse by 3rd week of June and again will move in to the 3rdhouse by the end of October 2017 and will stay there for rest of the year. When Saturn moves in to the 3rd house it sees an end to your Sade-sathi while whenever he is back in to the 2nd house the Sade-sathi will still prevail. When Sade-sathi is on the adverse trends in the profession, finances and family will get intensified while when he moves in to the 3rd house and get out of the clutches of Sade-sathi issues in every sector will start getting faded away. Meanwhile, Jupiter is transitting through the sign Virgo through the 12thtill the middle of Sept 2017 then he will move in to the 1sthouse from your sign. The transit of Jupiter through the 12thhouse will be bad for you while that of through the 1sthouse is going to be much relieving.

Though the latter half of the year was much relieving for you, you were still under many vicissitudes in various sectors of your life. This year also would start with the agonies you were subject to in the last year and that may sustain till about the middle of the year 2017. Professionally the possibility of having a fear of being subject to termination in the current job would prevail from the months of Mar-April. That might continue till July-Aug of 2017 till you will have a changing job. The new job will be offered to you all of a sudden which would surprise you a lot. Though the position and the income offered may not be much attractive the chance to migrate to a new environment along with an attractive natured responsibilities you would assign to are going to prompt you to grab the job. Meanwhile, the new job will help you to stay happy and satisfied in your profession. At the same time you would also have offers from a couple of your old friends or colleagues to partner them in their new venture in which you may have interest but may not offer your hand. You would keep it as a back up for the future.

The initial part of the year will provide pin-pricks in the financial front. There will be struggles in every aspect of your finances. The income will be much low considering what you require to meet your expenditure for the day to day life. The financial commitments from the past are going to worry you much. Anyway from the middle of the year things will improve. Most of your financial problems would have either cleared or would be on the edge of getting solved towards the end of the year. The new job along with a bit increased income will provide you a bit relief while the unexpected arrival of funds by the means refunding of a loan lended to your olf friend or a distant relative will be a huge relief for you. You will have to keep your discipline in strict lines on your expenditures. Otherwise, the increased income you might have in the latter half of the year will go in vain.

Rahu and Ketu are going to transit through your 11th and 5th houses respectively which is supposed to make mixed results while the Rahu-Ketu transit will end by Aug 2017 and then will move to the 10th and 4th houses respectively. The transit of Rahu-Ketu through 11th and 5th houses is about to cause more of beneficial results especially with respect to profession and finances. Meanwhile, the transit of Rahu-Ketu through the 10th and 4thhouses would be much adverse for you as this transit would tensions in the profession and also in the family life.

2017 Libra Love Horoscope, Family and Social Life
The year may not be much good for you as far as your family or personal life is concerned. Though there won't be any serious issues in your marital life the small issues forming out of the misunderstandings among the family members would keep you agitated a lot across the year. The year will also pave the way for average effects in the social circle as you will be able to carry a cordial relationship with one and all in life. Those who are singles and looking for alliances will be able to find their future partners in the latter half of the year.

2017 Libra Education Horoscope and Travelling
Students of this sign would have checkered path throughout the year. They may not be able to perform well to their caliber. Those who are planning for competitive exams may keep it for the next year as this year may not be able to provide you the desired success. Those who are wishing to go abroad in connection with profession will not be able to find success. But there will be many short distance journeys but those too may not be successful to the degree of precision you are aspiring for.

2017 Libra Health Horoscope
In the health front, you won't be facing any serious threat in this year. Your health will be staying good and fine throughout the year. Those who are wishing to initiate any kind of treatment for the betterment of health could look forward positively in this year.


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