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Scorpio 2017 Horoscope

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2017 Scorpio horoscope : After a long time, this would be a year with much progressive growth. Professionally there would be many noticeable changes. A possible change of job, Foreign journeys in connection to the job or even a job in abroad itself may fall on to you much to your benefit. The professional life will life growing in the midst of many changes and turn ups. Financially the year will be much supportive as it would help you to wipe out many of your financial issues which you are subject to since last three years or so. Family and personal life will be having a smooth sail while health may have to be given much care as there are possibilities for immediate fallouts.

Career, Incomes and Gains
The transit of Saturn is through the 1sthouse from your Rashi in the beginning of the year but will move into the 2ndhouse by the end of January and will move back to the 1sthouse by 3rd week of June and again will move in to the 2ndhouse by the end of October 2017 and will stay there for rest of the year. The transit of Saturn would cause mixed effects. The transit of Saturn through either the 1st or the2ndhouse are not supportive as these transit goes under the term Sade-sathi thus it will cause tensions in life in every sector. When he is moving through the 1st house he will be causing much intense issues while when moving through the 2nd house he will be causing the issues to a minimal level though it won't be fading away totally. Meanwhile, Jupiter is transitting through the sign Virgo through the 11thtill the middle of Sept 2017 then he will move in to the 12thhouse from your sign. The transit of Jupiter through the 12thhouse will be bad for you while that of 11thhouse is highly supportive one.

There was a few changes took place in your career bringing a bit of relief for you from the uncertainties and tensions you were facing your career then but still you are having neither satisfaction nor consistency in your career. This year would pave the way for erasing all those instabilities you are facing in your career and also to find more satisfaction in whatever you do. There will be a change in the job by Mar-April of 2017 which will be highly beneficial for you. The role and position offered at the new place will be very much rewarding while the support and satisfaction you would get at the new place will help you to rejoice your job even. Those who are looking to migrate to a foreign land would be abe to do so either by the way your own company's offer to send you abroad or there may be an offer from abroad itself. Anyhow those who are wishing to go abroad in connection with their job will be having success in achieving their target. Moreover the change you will have this year will be paving the way for growth and stability in your career for a long period in to the future.

Even though the transit of Saturn is subject to and fro between 1st and 2nd houses the adversity of Sade-sathi will be be falling onto you throughout the year since both transits are coming under Sade-sathi. Sade-sathi is entering in to it's the last phase thus it would have more impact on your finances henceforth. Though your income would be getting increased to a large extend in this year the uncontrollable expenses would keep you imbalanced throughout. Towards the end of the year that is from the last quarter of the year you should be facing more intense situations in the financial front. Anyway the good flow of money throughout the year will help you to be in a position to manage the show even while the red alarm often blows with respect to your finances.

Rahu and Ketu are going to transit through your 10th and 4th houses respectively which is supposed to make mixed results while the Rahu-Ketu transit will end by Aug 2017 and then will move to the 9th and 3rdhouses respectively. The transit of Rahu-Ketu through 10th and 4th houses was causing adversities in your career. Also that was a bit adverse transit as far as your family life was concerned. Meanwhile, the transit of Rahu-Ketu through the 9th and 3rdhouses would be much beneficial for you as this transit would cause an increment in your income and also chances to go abroad.

Love, Family and Social Life
There are some issues existing in your family and personal life since last one year or so. The same which would have caused pin-pricks in family causing destruction of your mental peace. The Sade-sathi running in the background would have been the major reason behind it. Anyhow the tensions in your career would have intensified your inability to sort out the issues in the personal and family front. Anyhow this year will slowly take out all the pressures from you. Social life will be fine throughout except for the last quarter of the year.

Education and Travelling
This is going to be a good year for the students of this sign. There will be good results for all the efforts they are putting in. You might do well in your studies and also might get success in competitive exams. Those who are planning to go abroad in connection with profession should put in their hard efforts now especially in the first half the year as it is a highly beneficial time to yeild the beneficial results.

The year will be a good one for your health.But towards the second Quarter of the year that is by April-May of 2017 there are chances of having a minor accident or a burn injury or something of that sort which would cause deep tensions and turmoil for you in the health front though there is no danger to your life. The issue will be overcome in a short period.

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